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Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2008 aurora framework

Pop 36.00
Vit 4.87

aurora framework is a slim modular MVC framework written in PHP 5.2+ for rapid development of Web or console applications featuring an integrated database API, template logic, pretty URLs, internationalization, caching, data models, a plugin system, and a multi-layered file tree.

Download No website Updated 25 Apr 2012 trash-cli

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Vit 5.41

trash-cli is a command line interface to the FreeDesktop.org trashcan. It implements the FreeDesktop.org trash specification. For each trashed file, it will remember the name, original path, date of deletion, and permissions. It interoperates with KDE and GNOME Trash, and is CLI compatible with the rm command.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2013 Tintii

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Vit 10.76

Tintii is a photo filter for selective color, saturation, and hue shift photo adjustments. Its unique ability is to automatically detect the major colors in a photo to isolate changes to local areas, making adjustments quick, easy, and more precise than other means.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2011 Gambatte

Pop 44.74
Vit 4.91

Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. It is based on hundreds of corner case hardware tests, as well as previous documentation and reverse engineering efforts. The core emulation code is contained in a separate library back-end (libgambatte) written in pure platform-independent C++. There is a GUI that uses Trolltech's Qt4 toolkit (gambatte_qt), and a simple command-line SDL front-end (gambatte_sdl). The GUI front-end contains platform-specific extensions for video, sound, and timers.

Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2008 OpenVISP Stats

Pop 51.12
Vit 2.14

OpenVISP Stats is a merge of mailgraph and couriergraph. It contains some enhancements that mailgraph doesn't have, and aims to be more generic than mailgraph and avoid duplicate code between two separate projects.

Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2007 Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader

Pop 22.25
Vit 1.00

Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader is an RSS reader that runs under a Web server as a CGI script. It aggregates RSS feeds from an XML configuration file and shows all feeds in a single page, multi-column display.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2007 Freecell

Pop 12.81
Vit 1.00

Freecell is a console (ncurses) version of the popular solitaire game Freecell. It supports the standard Microsoft compatible game-numbering scheme.

No download No website Updated 03 Jan 2012 PDNSOps

Pop 108.19
Vit 5.36

PDNSOps, is a Web-based script which aids in administering domains and records for the PowerDNS SQL name server software. It is targeted mainly toward individual domain owners, but should be robust enough to be used in a larger capacity by an ISP or other big host. For those who may not know, PowerDNS is a domain name server application, much like BIND, but offering alternative backends for the storage of domain information.

No download Website Updated 26 Nov 2007 Firefox Showcase

Pop 21.56
Vit 1.43

Showcase is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that allows tabs and windows to be managed by showing them as thumbnails in a single window, tab, or sidebar. It includes a find bar that will filter the thumbnails and the capability to select the thumbnails in the same way you would select files in your system.

No download Website Updated 13 Jan 2011 KiCad EDA

Pop 66.48
Vit 2.42

KiCad EDA is software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork. It is a set of four programs and a project manager: Eeschema (schematic entry), Pcbnew (a board editor), Gerbview (a Gerber viewer (photoplotter documents)), and Cvpcb (a footprint selector for components used in the circuit design). Kicad is the project manager. It includes a 3D visualization feature.


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A recovery tool for lzip files.