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PDFreactor is a formatting processor to convert HTML and XML to PDF. It uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define page layout and styles. It allows you to dynamically generate PDF documents such as invoices, delivery notes, shipping documents, or print versions of Web content on-the-fly. Vector graphics (SVG), barcodes, MathML, XSLT, and CMYK colors are supported. All common J2EE application servers are supported. Complete .NET, PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby APIs are included. Direct integration into automatic build processes using Apache Ant is also possible.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jun 2014 13:13

    Release Notes: It supports CSS3 Regions, a cutting-edge layout feature to control text flow. PDF/A-3a support allows more PDF features. Performance has been improved and a new API has been added to dynamically retrieve layout data from JavaScript. CSS3 Running Elements enables headers and footers from existing or dynamically added content. Interactive comments can be added to the generated PDF. Canvas element graphics are now added to PDFs as vector graphics, whenever possible. A new Free Personal License is now available for private, non-commercial use of PDFreactor by individuals.

    •  02 Aug 2011 14:37

      Release Notes: This hot fix release resolves a regression issue where TrueType collections (TTC) fonts could not be used and embedded with PDFreactor 5. The version label of the .NET wrapper DLL was corrected.

      •  22 Jul 2011 13:10

        Release Notes: This release delivers new features such as support for sessions, request headers, cookies and HTTP authentication, automatic font fall-back, PDF overlay, enhanced PDF merging, multiple pages per sheet (n-up printing), rearranged order of pages, digital signatures, and many more. Besides adding new features, this release further optimizes PDFreactor's layout capabilities and performance. It includes basic support for some HTML5 elements and Java 7.

        •  25 Aug 2009 12:41

          Release Notes: New features include PDF/A support for compliance and accessibility, vastly improved formatting capabilities with multi-column layout, and footnotes. Support was also added for bleed, crop, and printer marks. The color capabilities were extended. Overall CSS3 support has been improved. PDFreactor's layout performance was significantly optimized, especially for larger documents.

          •  06 Jun 2007 14:24

            Release Notes: The new features include support for TIFF images, including support for CMYK, TIFF, and SVG in IMG tags, background, and generated content. The image quality was improved by direct embedding of images without JPEG recompression. Layout of tables spanning multiple pages, layout of nested tables, positioning of floats across page breaks, the handling of the @page:first selector, and the page counter for merged documents were improved. Support for the bottom property of absolutely positioned elements was fixed.


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