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The DataBrowser is a Java-based tool for browsing virtually any database. It has been tested with Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL/Postgres, MySQL, DB2, and MS Access (among some others). It requires a Java 2 runtime environment. The DataBrowser allows you to execute dynamic SQL, import and export data, view the schema in a treeview, and view query results in a table view. It also logs all SQL executed with the SQLLog feature.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2007 21:17

    Release Notes: This release adds SQLLog to DataBrowser, and now logs all SQL statements executed over time to an internal HSQL database.

    •  16 Feb 2007 18:24

      Release Notes: A small bug has been fixed that affected re-setting the schema util's current schema or catalog back to 'null'. The TreePanelModel has been fixed to avoid settig SchemaUtil's state to 'All', which caused problems with the export wizard. DataEditor support for HSQLDB (date and time formatting in the file). A small fix to remove the stack trace from log on the expected condition of QueryTimer.interrupt(). Cleanup in the TableEditor UI.

      •  21 Dec 2006 00:55

        Release Notes: This release fixes a (potentially huge) performance problem with making calls to the DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() call. By making this call 'approximate', it prevents a server side ANALYZE and really snaps things up.

        •  18 Dec 2006 13:22

          Release Notes: The modRC data is removed before query refresh. This will change the rows/columns potentially modified from blue back to their normal color when the query is refreshed. The data editor is not closed if there is an error executing SQL. The Ctrl-T keylistener was added to create a new editor pane. The ScreenshotRobot was created to automate the creation of screenshots. All exception warnings were converted to ExceptionDebugger.

          •  04 Dec 2006 02:08

            Release Notes: This release adds embedded drivers for common databases, and fixes a data delete bug.

            Recent comments

            21 Sep 2004 07:10 skamania24

            Great Product
            I think that this is a great product and is very useful. One suggestion though:

            Saved list of connections. I see the recent connections list, but that rotates as other machines are connected to, eventually requiring a manual entry of a previous database. And for those of us with very long complex database names, it is tedious. Thanks.

            19 Jul 2004 07:11 tillug

            great software!
            very useful to my work as i often need to query different improvement i want to suggest:
            implementation of some 'undo' function in the editor would be great help!

            10 Jun 2001 11:14 superbemo

            Re: this is seriously crippeled trialware
            The trial version is seriously crippled, however when you download the software an automated email is sent with a 30 day demo key. The 30 day key unlocks the ALL the features of the databrowser.

            See the licensing page ( for more informaion on the Trial, Demo, Single User, and Enterprise versions of the DataBrowser.

            10 Jun 2001 09:23 sistar

            this is seriously crippeled trialware
            imho it is not worth downloading as even simple
            sql-queries return only 10 results in the trial


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